Why your blog doesn't have consistent traffic

There are several reasons your blog may 
not have consistent readers. 

Here are a few:

Marketing to the wrong type of client.
Too much selling and not enough information.
Inconsistent publishing.

Today we're going to talk about #3
There is one thing to said about most consumers and it is this: They need to see consistency. They've got to know that you're going to be where they think you'll be and they've got to know that no matter what, they can depend on you to tell them exactly what they need to know. Consider this when creating your blog posts, newsletters and email.

Consistently tell them in your opt-ins, on your pages, in your tweets, press release, and other social spaces exactly when they will hear from you and what it is that you're going to give them and they'll soon begin to look for your email or posts. If you feel you have enough amazing content to post multiple times per day, ensure that you have enough to provide a consistent ongoing pattern – rather than posting several times in one day. 

By all means, when you begin posting consistently, make sure you are using your analytics to understand if people are engaging and to ensure that you are not getting any unlikes or limited reach as a result. If you begin seeing negative patterns in your analytics, you are posting too much of the wrong thing and you either need to re-evaluate your current customers or create different content based on their social voices.

Remember, never, ever let your page lay dormant for weeks and make sure to stockpile content that you can use for later!