#EventSwag, does your event have it?


Whether your event has 100 attendees or 10,000 there is one thing for sure.  They all are looking for an ATM, the restrooms and something to place all of their items in.  That's a given, right?
Now what about those VIP's and Sponsors? Are they looking for an event bag or a #SwagBag? Nine times out of ten, they're looking and hoping to get some really great gifts but will they? 

Have you taken the time, during the interviewing process to look around their offices (that's if you get the opportunity for a face-to-face, to see what their likes are? Maybe a certain color that's around the room? No, you can't give everyone what they might love but the things you place in your swag bags should be thing that they really need, even if they aren't sure that they need it. Swagbags, when done well will be your sponsors marketing masterpiece. Take the time to think about what you'd actually want from a workshop, conference or event and try to create those gifts!