The #1 thing I learned from attending the Sponsorship Collective webinar hosted by +Chris Baylis

Be a sniper: Know exactly what your sponsors need, why they need it and how you can deliver it.

When you are putting together you're sitting in a sponsorship meeting and going through your mental checklist, it's simp to remember the big things. You know things like who your demographic is, what they do, what they love and don't love, etc. But there are smaller details that can make the difference of a $1000 sponsorship and a $10,000 sponsorship that you’re probably overlooking. When you're attending your initial meeting make sure to pay attention to the things your potential sponsor is saying that they need. Now to be honest, these things may or may not have been on your mental or physical valuation list but you've got to make sure to add it/them to your customized sponsorship proposal!

How do you become a Sponsorship Sniper?

Well, you'll need to create a sponsorship package that aligns with the company's target audience, marketing goals and company mission. Remember that during your event, the public eye is on the sponsor and that although you can't please everyone, its your job to make sure that event sponsors and vendors are seen in the most positive way possible!