How to sale your products and services without being "salesy"

Talking to a group of business women this morning and their number one "issue" as business owners was that they feel as though they aren't good sales people.  The 2nd "issue" is that they don't want to be known as the person who is always selling!

IS THAT YOU?  If it is, take this brief message, internalize it and then walk in your new mindset.

how to sale without selling

When ever you're present, whether that be online or in the terrestrial public, people are watching.  They watch how you act, if you're approachable, how you move in crowds and if you're a woman, unfortunately, they look at what you have on.  You can use all of that to your advantage.  And here is how:

1)  Start to wear comany branded clothing or at least wear your company colors.

2)  Have your own name tag.  The more it relates to your business, the better your exposure!

3)  Always have a freebie (something you know people want from you.)

4)  Whe you stand to give your 60 second elevator speech - say your name, your company name, what you do (remember what freebie you're offering needs to tie into that) and how to get the freebie!

5)  When online - make sure that every piece of content you have has a C.T.A. to whatever it is you're selling, what event you're hosting or what projects you're building.

That's it!  If you do this each and every time you're networking, you're selling with out saying "BUY."

Forever promoting,

K. O. 
The KnockOut specialist of social media