5 reasons to live your dream

I'm sure you've heard a million reasons why you shouldn't start a business or pursue a dream Click to tweet it!
: It’s takes too much money to get started,  you might go into debt, you know so & so did it and now he/she can't make ends meet, you'll never have a social life, and the list goes on. But even with all these uncertainties, people are still attracted to starting a business. And, for every reason that you shouldn't there are just as many reasons that you should!

1. A story to tell. Whenever I tell someone I run my own business, I can guarantee that they're next question will be "Really?  what do you do?"  The next is "How'd you get started?" or "What made you think you could do it?"  I'm always able to provide a good story or two, and the best part is it helps me to market my business.

2. Tax benefits. 

3. Job security. One thing is for certain, you can't fire yourself!  With entrepreneurship the security lies in the fact that  you are your own boss.

4. Networking. Whether you know it or not, creative people and entrepreneurs are communal creatures.  We love to meet each other,  learn from each other’s experiences, mentor and give each other great advice so that no one has the same pitfalls we experienced.  Your circle of friends and acquaintances always grows when you become a business owner who networks.

5. Your reason. I’ve given you a list of why I think you should take a leap of faith and start that business or bring that dream into fruition.  But at the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is YOUR reason to start   So, what is it?