How do I get Sponsors?


So, you're ready to start hosting events?  If you're doing it alone, there is a possibility that you'll need a few sponsors to make your event profitable.  However, if you've never sought sponsorship or you don't feel as though you have the sales skills, just take a few seconds to look at the process a little differently and it won't be as daunting.

If you're a natural event organizer, it's easier to think about your attendees and their needs.  What you also need to wrap your head around is that your sponsors are also your attendees.  

When I first got into event marketing, I was on the opposite sides of sponsorship.  I actually was the brand ambassador or event market manager for several brands and I can't tell you how many times I had to ask for additional things in our booth space or had to ask questions regarding what we were able to give away, where.  On top of that, I also had to report to someone the fact that certain things were promised:  demographic, size of space, whether or not we had access to the electricity that was promised and a host of other things.  I said that to say this: when you create your sponsorship proposal, really take into account what it is you can offer the sponsor and by all means, don't bundle everything into one package just to get the revenue. 
So, you've got the sponsorship package done and loaded to your website and you've mailed out a few SponPacs (sponsorship packages).  You do realize that you just can't sit back and expect the money to come rolling in, right? You've got to get up and knock on some doors, attend a few conferences and networking events,  make a few calls and send a lot of emails.