Exceed your expectations

Great risings kings and queens! What a wonderful day to do something that exceeds your expectations!I got up super early thinking about my idea sponsors. I've decided to really consider companies like Parents' magazine, nutrition journal, the almanac (gardening for children), almond breeze and a few others. They all have a healthy family focus, are concerned about the environment, encourage clean eating and preventative medicine for families. 

These companies surely need the opportunity to have one on one interaction with my demographic; so that they can have the opportunity to do Q&A's, explain the benefits to clean eating and start conversations regarding health, wellness and spirituality. 

I know my demographic, for the majority of my events, could surely learn something from the interaction and tell my sponsors exactly what's needed in their lives.. 

What a win, win, win!What about you? What does your idea sponsor look like? What are their needs? How can you help them?