Is you're #SocialMediaCalendar completed for October?

If yes, CONGRATS to you
If not, WHY NOT?

Don't know how to set one up? Here is a brief overview.

1: Decide what type of calendar you'll use. There are many types of calendars online but so that I don't charge my clients for additional tools I use google calendar

2: Take a look at the calendar relevant for the place you live: You'll notice National Holidays that can be used and there are some less know holidays that you might use. (did you see my #NationalCoffeeDay post)

3: Decide what additional relevant content you'll be using, i.e.., new products, change of service, company announcement. Make sure to include links that support your content.

4: Decide how long each post will take. For example: You may want to start talking about your 90 day challenge starting on Jan. 1, 2016, just how far out do you want to begin and end the posts?

5: Create photos/videos to post along with your content.