What can you offer?

So, I was working #TOS15, which is why I don't have photos but I want to tell you all what I just learned.

Oh wait, #TOS15 is Taste of Soul a soul food festival in LA.  Ok, back to the story, so I had the opportunity to walk around a portion of the event and visit some vendors and came up on the Greyhound bus.  

At first, I was wondering why so many people were standing in line to get in and when someone walked out I asked what the hoopla is and he said they had turned the bus into a huge gaming station and that's where it hit me!

Check out the Wave Stage for live music #TOS15 pic.twitter.com/kxIMPK3G5v

— Taste of Soul L.A. (@tasteofsoulla) October 17, 2015

I had crossed a few potential sponsors off my list because I couldn't quite figure out how I would pitch to them. I mean, I had done the homework and knew exactly what they wanted and needed but I couldn't figure out a way to have them interact with their demographic at either of my events.


Sometimes the most obvious things needed, can be used at your events to help everyone out. I know for quite a few of you this may have been obvious, but for me, it wasn't until today.

Now I'll go and evaluate what my additional needs are and take some of the ideas I jotted down and implement them into my sales presentation. What about you? What did you learn this weekend? What are your needs and how can you get that sponsor the maximum exposure they desire? I thinking greyhound will sponsor this event again .