How to grow a community with events.

What does it take to build an online community? It takes the ability to give attendees a place to be heard. 

Long before your event starts, your event page and online community should be in place with FAQ's and people in place to answer questions quickly and honestly.

Here are 7 steps to help you grow your event with Twitter: 

*Create a unique event hashtag and start a TWUB. Start using it early and often. Make sure to ask and remind your attendees, speakers and sponsors to use it consistently.

*Set up social listening tools to monitor conversations around your event. This will help you understand in a concise way, what your attendees liked and disliked.

*Engage attendees before, during and after the event.

*Use Twitter to share, curate & post content relevant to your event.

*Create "click to Tweets" for your blog and use them from the conception of your events.

*Use followerwonk to find additional event attendees, speakers and targeted prospects.

*Read every post, comment, email or suggestion and reply. 

Remember that your communities ability to interact with the event attendees and planners is key. You'll also want to take a moment each month to introduce an attendee to the community and thank them for participating.