A Cannabis event?

Ok, I just thought I'd address the huge rhino in the room.

I'm not sure if you've been asked already but I know that I have and I must admit, it took me by surprise!  Honestly, I wasn't surprised at the request, I was surprised at how long it took!  Wait, what am I talking about?  Oh, I thought I put that in the title but just in case you missed it,  I'm talking about the recreational use of cannabis.  Cannabis bars are becoming the next growing trend at weddings and birthday parties.

Have you began researching the do's and don'ts to get your company ready for your first contract?

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By now you're aware that there are nine states that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana and with the legalization in the following states:  California, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Maine and Oregon there are now laws in place that make it totally legal to have cannabis at an event. But how do you make sure that you're  staying within the guidelines of the law and what must be done to cover the liability?  Those are just two of the many questions you'll want to address.  Here are a few more:

Can my company book cannabis caterers for infused foods?

Is there a Budtenders license or certificate that needs to be readily available?  

Can my company purchase cannabis without a license for private or public events?

Must the venue chosen have a license for on-site consumption?

Are cannabis parties legal?

How do we transport the cannabis to an event?

What is the legal limit per attendee?

Is there Cannabis limited liability insurance?