Caption this contest for user-generated content

The date is set and a part of your #eventsponsorship agreement is to create engagement opportunities for your sponsor. 

An easy way to do it and get some great UGC (user generated content) prior to and during your event, is to engage your audience with a social media contest! If you're new to this idea, let me suggest two. 

1:  Create a #captionthis month long campaign, where you'll ask your audience, each week, to post a selfie, using the sponsors product, a hashtag and a caption for a chance to gain VIP, backstage, access.

2:  Create a #CaptionThis month long campaign, where you'll ask your audience, each week, to add a caption to a photo that you post of your staff, volunteers or donors, using the product of your sponsor.

You could go as far as to mix the two caption ideas or create your own.  The winner must post the entire month in order to  be eligible.