The event planners bookshelf

It never ceases to amaze me that just before Thanksgiving my #GoogleAlerts begins to see a high influx of people using the following keywords: event planning, how to become an event planner or event planning school. I guess it should be that amazing because the holiday season is quickly approaching.

What I would really like to find out is just how many people are actually planning to be #Eventprofs or if they are doing the research to host a company #ChristmasParty or corporate function?

Well, I may never know but just in case someone ever really wants to know how to start an event planning service, here are my TOP FIVE recommended books:

Event Management for Dummies by Laura Capell

This book is for beginners and event organizers who are looking for a way to get started or update their portfolio. It is packed with information like budgeting, travel logistics, promoting and marketing an event and one of the most important things, insurance.

Event Planning Tips: The straight scoop on how to run events by Natalie Johnson

I actually think the title explains what Ms. Johnson is writing about to the "T."

The Business of Event Management by John Beech, Sebastian Kaiser & Robert Kasper.

Lots of case studies, theories and concepts abound between the pages of this book. It also has a few concepts on what types of events you can host.

Confessions of an Event Planner by Judy Allen

Want to walk in the shoes of an actual event planner? This is the book for you!

The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics & Planning by Judy Allen

If you're in need of budgeting, have question about ROI or simply need help with "cost," read this book thoroughly, cover to cover.

And there you have it. I truly hope this information and knowledge finds you and helps to steer you in fulfilling the desires of your event planning heart.

Until next time, Namaste