How to ask for a referral.

Knowing when to ask for a referral is a big part of the challenge.  There are three ideal times to be in asking mode.  

n the beginning:  Ask clients, friends & family, "Do you know anyone who is in need of the business I offer?"  It helps to plant a seed that may sprout at any moment.
While the iron is hot.  During the course of your project, when your client is "ecstatic about your work, remind them that you'd appreciat a referral.

At the close of business.  Your client is thrilled.  Tide that momentum and ask them to connect you witht the people they know.

You know promotion of your product or service is the only way that your clients and potential clients are going to find you and utilize your services.  You also know that a referral is better than just about any piece of marketing material you'll ever use right?
With this in mind, let's walk through a few self-promotion steps to get your company that extra added boost it needs.

Step 1:  Treat your clients like royalty!  Serving your clients and giving them exceptional work is the foundation of cultivating referrals.  Yes, it sounds very simple but a lot of business owners do just enough to get the job done.  In today's world with so many additional options, you can't afford to take the mediocre approach.  Do great and you'll have great.

Step 2:  Ask.  Every client you know either knows a potential client or someone who knows someone who needs your company.  Don't ask "Do you know some in the entertainment industry?"  Ask, Do you know anyone in the marketing department of ...?"  Be specific when asking them and they'll give you just the type of client referral you've been looking for.

Step 3:  Thank them.  When the client has been given the final finished product thank them for using your company.  Remember, your most happiest clients become an extension on your marketing dept. When they refer a client, thank them again for referring that client.  They'll feel greatly appreciated.

Step 4:  Infom.  You may not think it's necessary but if your clients have an idea of how the referral project went, they'll be happy to refer again.  No, you don't have to tell them every detail but making it a point to contact them and let them know how the project is coming helps to build bonafide relationships.