Facebook Poke

Do you remember the "poke" on Facebook?

It seems as if the Facebook poke may be returning.  It seems as if they are testing the "poke" in Europe but there is something different about it.  What's the difference?  Well, it seems as though they've actually added a geo-location feature, that signals friends in an area that you're in.  Does this remind you of another app?  Anyhow, it's currently called "wave."

If they bring it back to the U.S. there will be several ways that you can use it.  
  1. You can disclose secret locations for events.
  2. Event organizers can use it to help people find the event location.
  3. You can use it during a tradeshow to help people find your booth (I'm thinking like huge locations, think Javitz, etc.)

If Facebook brings it back, how will you use waves?