Do you use Facebook Stories?

What's the difference between Snapchat, Instagram stories and Facebook stories? 

Facebook allows you to add an animated filter and or border before you start recording, while you can only add a border after taking your photo or video in Snapchat. 

Instead of swiping right or left, like you do in Snapchat, you'll  swipe up or down to get to filters in Facebook.

If you can't find a filter you like in Facebook, you can swipe on the magic wand and it will bring up a list of additional filters.  You're not able to find additional filters in Snapchat but, you're able to make your own from previous photos (using the scissor tool).

You can see who viewed your story, within all apps.

Make sure to add everything you want to your story before you finish.  There is currently no way to go back in and edit.

Facebook stories allows you 20 seconds to tell your story, while Snapchat allows you, technically, 60 seconds.  

If friends send you a DS (direct story), in Facebook, you're only allowed to see it twice before you're unable to watch it again.  

I don't currently have a verdict about Facebook Stories and I've yet to hear any really great reviews from people who use Snapchat, that have tried Facebook stories but there is one thing that I really don't like about it and that is the fact that currently, you can't tell who took a screenshot.  This may change in the future?