Episode 5 of What to Post


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Good morning good afternoon, good day, I'm your hostess Karma Oviquio aka KO the knock out specialist of social media and today we're talking Holiday sales.  

Now I know you're probably thinking, K.O. it is the fourth quarter and I know that at the time of this broadcast, there are only 130 days before the "official" holiday sales begin.  So, can I at least get a few more days of summer, please? 

NOPE!  We've got to talk about it now because I'm not talking about those type of holiday sales.  I'm talking about the holiday sales that retailers slip on you while you're scrolling through your apps looking for coupons or those subtle sales that they drop into your email almost weekly.

You know, those "made up sales."  The 70% off this week, Friends and Family-we're opening at 6am for you & your special guests or those really slick ones.  You saved $46 on this weeks purchase so here is a 40% coupon for your next visit.  Yeah, those.  

One thing you can truly learn about retail is that they know the art of FOMO (fear of missing out) and they use it to their advantage daily.  So why can't you? 

That's your content prompt for today.  Take a moment and think about what you can put on sale, what upcoming thing are you celebrating?  It could be a an anniversary, a wedding, heck  you favorite uncle might be turning 100 so you might offer one of your $497 programs for $100 while supplies last.  What ever the case might be, plan it out and make it happen.

I need you to also realize that big box stores have endless inventory and because of that, they can have a sale on something everyday to draw people in.  You may not be able to do that.  And if that's you, don't make it a habit of having monthly sales because you'll train your audience to wait.

Well, that's it for today.  I want to know when you try this out so please drop me an email when you do!

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