Episode 6 - How to engage your audience


You're listening to The Karmetic Content Creators podcast where we teach event planners and small business owners how to harness the power of social media.

Good morning good afternoon, good day, I'm your hostess Karma Oviquio aka KO the knock out specialist of social media and today we're talking:  Engagement or the art of engaging post.

You hear it all the time, "Content is King!"  Well I'm here to tell you that this may be one of the truest statements you should remember when posting any form of content but the rest of that sentence, the MOST IMPORTANT part of that sentence has been left off.  So let me finish that sentence for you.  "Content is King but Engagement is the Queen, and everyone know that girls run the world!"  YEP, I said it and I've got data to back it up!  lol  Ok, let's move on with the topic

Why do you think people are on social media and why do they follow brands?  It's because we're social beings and we want to find the easiest way to connect to the people, brands and things that have become or will become a household name.  Now here is the kicker.  They may totally love your brand but they can go to your website for that and I'm sure they do, but they also follow you on social so they can see what you're really like, what you like and why you like it.  They actually make a conscious effort to follow you because they want to know you!

And this my friends is GOLD!  Why, because in getting to know you, they actually give you the opportunity to get to know them.  And the more you know about your followers, the more you can give them exactly what they need, what they don't know they need and what they'll probably need in the future.  So how do we do that?  Well that's the posting topic of the day.  And that is to open up the doors to your kingdom and let King Content and Queen Engagement do the work.  

One way to do this is to pick a conversation starter and what better way to start a conversation is by asking a question?  But not just any question, the questions you'll ask, are questions that will help you learn what to post in the future and if you continue to ask questions throughout your social media journey, you'll not only learn what to post, you'll learn what day to post it, what time to post and quite a few other juicy tidbits.

To get you started, I created a handy little ebook with 48 conversational questions to ask.  You can get it by going to bit.ly/ask48questions  but if you're not into downloads, and want 20 quick questions you can use today, you can visit my blog, KarmaOviquio.com and look for episode SIX of  "What to Post.

When you start asking for engagement, please make sure to let me know.  I'd love to hear about your progress.