Episode seven - What to post - Back to School

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 Good morning good afternoon good day, I'm your hostess,
Karma Oviquio aka K.O. the knockout specialist of social media and today
we’re talking, #BackToSchool.  That’s right back to school.
With less Than 3 weeks, some parents are already in purchase mode,
some parents are already preparing but there’s a huge portion of parents
who are like. “Oh my God, I am not prepared.   I’m not prepared for my child
to go off to college, I’m not prepared for my child’s first day of kindergarten,
I’ve not picked up supplies for my children.” All of that and that's where you
come in, because you and your business are the problem solvers for them.  

Now with that being said, I'm going to give you a couple of ideas in regards
to what you can be talking about; like for me, I know that I'm going to spend
some time telling parents how to repurpose content so that they're not stuck
those first couple of weeks, trying to get their content out. so that they are you
know they can fall into a flow of helping their children after school, with homework
and or things of that nature.  I’m gonna also be talking about (now get this) I'm a
social media strategist, right? But I'm also going to be talking about meals that
you can put in the refrigerator. You know those grab-and-go, like mason jar salads.
so that you have the opportunity to spend more time with your children and or loved
ones, without missing a beat. So you’ve got your content already repurposed,
you’ve already come up with your ideas, you’ve got salads in the refrigerator,
everyone's happy, you can not sit down and have a  great meal then sit down
and spend quality with your significant other after dinner. You’re then able to
spend quality time for the kids to bed early relax talk to your spousal unit for
your significant other and then get back to the money, which is your social media.
Yep, that’s what I'm going to be talking about but let's just say you're a caterer,
maybe you can you can talk about, back to school meals, lunch prep?
But, let's take it a bit further than that. What about meal prep for busy parents,
meal prep for single parents, meal preps for dads who are raising their children
alone?  You’ll want to get real specific Niche it all the way down, you should
down as far as you possibly can okay? Another thing that you may want to
be talking about:  

  • where's the best place to get the uniforms, 
  • are there any mommy and me sales going on that maybe in your neighborhood,
  • are you offering a back to school special, 
  • What you need to know about school supplies, 
  • backpacks, 

All of those types of things.  You can provide not only recipes but products that
will help your parents get organized and get right back into the flow of being
parents with school-age children.  

Okay, maybe you're in the organization industry and you've been thinking about
creating lesson plans or maybe life plans?  What about cleaning hacks?
Or stain removers? It could be about holistic stain remover for the busy parent?
light time-saving tips how to let allow your children to sleep a little bit later but get
out of the door earlier, during the first two weeks of school or something like. 
Remember, you want to be able to assist these families with the best school year
if your child or if your space your niche has college students it's the perfect time
to create articles or to go back and look and repurpose content that has to do with:

money saving,  

being away from your parents for the first time, 

creative ways to set up your dorm room, 

different types of tech or apps that the student should have
on their phones you know to make their lives easier 

how to create dinners in Instapot,

All the types of things for those college-age students.  A really great one though, are
things that they should have in their backpacks.  That's really a great one,
especially if the child is going to college for the first time. There are certain things
that they’ll need in those new backpack besides makeup, that they are not
aware of but they’ll need to be made aware. 

So once again, that's your assignment for this evening.  Go back, look at content
that you can repurpose, that has the back-to-school theme.  And if you don't have
anything, start thinking about how you can repurpose older pieces of content and
then add in pieces of back to school content.   If you don’t have anything you can
repurpose, then it’s time to create a few pieces of content with the back-to-school theme. 

That's it for today.  From my house to your house, I wish you all green eyes.  Namaste.