Events for small businesses?

Networking events, every Solopreneur, entrepreneur and business owner attends them at one point in time but not all of them host them.  Networking events, when done right are not only cost effective but great ways to generate interest in your business. 
Hosting networking events can do what no e-marketing piece can do. While e-marketing can have low response  and/or open rates, events are a concentrated way to get potential and current customers in the door.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider hosting an event for your business:

1:  You get the opportunity to meet people who you can collaborate  with.

As a small business or solopreneur, you have to wear many hats but by hosting events, you can ABC (always be closing) in on others who may be an asset for an upcoming project

2:  People are physical beings and need physical interaction and being able to connect in a human way makes your brand come to life.  Remember, loyalty is built on emotions

3:  It help builds credibility.  The more people see how you act in the physical world the more likely they are/aren't likely to recommend your company or do business with you.

4:  They get to interact with you and your brand.  There is no better place to sample your product or show exactly, in real time, how your service works.  Here they can actually put their hands on it and experience in a way that is "human."

5:  The event allows your clients and potential clients the ability to not be distracted.  I know it isn't just me, there are quite a few business owners who are multi-tasking all the times.  At your event, you've got them in an environment that is conducive to have your attention for more than 6 seconds.  Just think about it...You're able to make a one-on-one connection that you can't do on the internet

 KarmaO Tip:

Best social network for Event marketing Google+, Instagram and Pinterest:   Make sure to post your event photos with tag lines & tips.