Stop thinking like a woman and get that sale!

In speaking with some of you yesterday, I realized that you all are still in "WOMAN" rolls when it comes to marketing your business. I say "WOMAN" role because its been statistically proven that women don't know how to ask for things. When it comes to their true wants and desires, a woman thinks a man should know exactly what and how she wants a thing. Trust me ladies, in this microwave society, not too many people have an idea of what you want let alone when you want it. Their too busy and to mentally spread out to hold that thought. YOU have to ask for what you want at the end of each of your phone calls.

Tip #1: THERE IS NEVER A SALE without commitment!

Perhaps the single biggest mistake women make is not establishing a specific date and time for the follow up call at the end of their initial call. Vague commitments from the prospects (“call me next week”) or the sales rep (“I’ll send the proposal and follow up in a couple of days”) results in missed calls, voice mail messages and ultimately a longer sales cycle. 

Tip #2:  ASK!

All you need to do is ask for a follow up date and time.  For instance: “I’ll be glad to write up the proposal (quote, whatever) and e-mail it to you. And what I would like to recommend is that we set up Tuesday, the 16th, at say, 8:45am to review it in detail and determine the next steps if any. How does that sound?” If this is not a good time, recommend another time. If that doesn’t work, get them to establish a time and date. 

REMEMBER: Creating a deadline is a simple but extremely powerful tactic. Use it.