There is a lot to be said about owning your own #VirtualRealEstate , your own space in the virtual world and it is for this reason that I'm excited about telling you that now is the time to create it.

Most people I know, only use Facebook as their virtual space for business.  They've not taken the time to nurture a space outside of it to grow their business.  If Facebook were to shut down there doors tomorrow or IF it decided that you could no longer make a post without paying, a lot of them would be out of business!  That's why it's important to "have your own" and there is no better time to do so!

If you follow me in #socialspaces or have ever met me in person, you'd know that I keep up with what's new and what's hot in #SocialMedia and so it is that I pen this brief message. 

Have you noticed that a "Call To Action feature has now been uploaded to your #Facebook #BusinessPage and while it's free, you need to use it to grow your email list, subscription list and followers.