Gone are the days of "I'll place your logo everywhere, if you sponsor us!" Today's sponsors are looking for so much more. Now this isn't to say that logo placement isn't valuable, its me saying to you that it has to be done strategically so that it stands out and becomes memorable.

Yesterday on a plane ride, I sat next to a gentleman who was working on a sponsorship proposal for a corporate event. As we began to talk, he let me know that this wasn't something that he normally does and that he had some problems coming up with ideas of what would make his proposal desirable. I made a few suggestions, by way of questions, and so I thought I'd share them here.

To make a sponsorship proposal desirable, you need to be able to create #CustomSponsorship opportunities and to do that, you need to cover the following:

Know the company's goal:

Are they launching a new product that they want consumers to be aware of?

Are they looking to increase social media engagement?

Focus on "A" key consumer:

The company you're trying to get to sponsor your event may have more than one demographic. Focus on one of them to create a campaign that is specifically for them.

Assess your assets:

What can your event give the Sponsor by way of custom opportunities? Video, photo opportunities, branded content, branded invitations, etc?

Of course the more creative you become in your offerings, the more likely you are to develop a one of a kind opportunity that should get that sponsor to return.

Take a moment today to think out what you want to see at the next event you're attending or an event that you recently attended. What was missing? What did you want to see more of? How did they miss making you want to talk about the event. What key take-aways have you spoke about? Remember this when creating a custom proposal package and you're sure to get the results you're looking for.